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Brass Musical Instruments

Drawing of a military trumpet in F made by Besson.
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Brass Musical Instruments

Brass Musical Instruments seem to be very popular with children just starting to play. The top of the brass list for children? The trumpet! Sure, there are kids who want to start out with the Tuba, French Horn, Trombone or even a Saxophone, but the most popular starting brass instrument for children is the trumpet.

Now, a trumpet can be a costly investment, especially when you don’t know if your child is going to stick with it, or change their mind and want to play something else two weeks later. You’ve got options when it comes to dealing with this type of situation.

1. Do a search on eBay for Trumpets. You’ll find several sellers selling brand new trumpets for less than $100. Of course, these aren’t professional trumpets as some of the ads may suggest. Rather, they are cheap instruments that are made in either China or in India. These are perfect for the beginning trumpet player! If you run into a situation where your child wants to move on to another instrument, you won’t be out big money, and you can resell it on eBay.

2. Depending on the age of your child, you may want to purchase a toy trumpet at a local toy store, or on Amazon. Amazon has a great selection of various toy instruments – trumpets run around $25. Again, not a bank account buster.

3. If your child is in school, check with the music / band director to see if they have a rental program set up with a local music shop. All rental agreements are different, but some will allow you to trade instruments within a certain period of time, should your child want to play something different.

4. Check with your local music shop on any used trumpets they may have in stock. You may end up getting a really good deal locally.

In the end, you should be able to come up with a decent trumpet at a reasonable price using one of these methods. I’ve included some of the units that are available on the market right now so you can get and idea of what you’re likely going to need to spend.

Signature Music 2110L Bb Trumpet

This is a great trumpet for the beginner / child. It’s a Bb (B Flat) trumpet, which is what you want for your beginner trumpet student. It’s got excellent tone and a great response.

As with most trumpets, this unit includes a hard (ABS) shell case that is plush lined. It also comes with a mouthpiece. This beginner trumpet runs right around $130.

Austin Bazaar B Flat Nickel Plated Trumpet

Here’s another nice trumpet for the beginner that has a retail price of right around $100. It’s a Bb and has really nice looking nickel plated body. The bell diameter is 125mm (approx 4.92 inches) with a bore size of 11.66.

Included with this trumpet is a carry case, strap, and white gloves that will really make your child look professional! Again, this is a great beginner trumpet that won’t bust the budget as it comes in right around $100.

Tristar Student Trumpet

Here’s another trumpet that is a great first children’s musical instrument. This particular model comes from India. You can usually find it for around $50.

This particular trumpet is chrome plated and comes with a standard 7c mouthpiece. This unit does not come with a case, however. It’s 21″ long, which is the standard size of a student trumpet and plays in Bb.

So, as you can see, you can get your child into a decent trumpet that will get them through the early years without spending a fortune. In my opinion, the best place for a child to start off is with brass musical instruments – more specifically – a trumpet.

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